21 Types Of Poems:

1. Here is a story that happened to me. That is all.

2. Here is a story that may or may not have happened to me, but I will make plain to you how it was meaningful for me.

3. I will retrofit someone else’s story so as to make it meaningful for you.

4. Things got bonkers.

5. Erasures that actually didn’t ever have any more words than they do now.

6. I am going to tell you all of it. All. of. it.

7. The French damn sure know how to organize words into a haunting & call it form.

8. I will not take a breath until the end of the poem & maybe not even then.

9. I will give you a hint, but it’s your puzzle, not mine.

10. I wanted to be Bob Dylan.

11. I want you to feel the way Otis Redding makes me feel.

12. Starting in the middle of things is the new beginning, & also the new ending.

13. I am writing this to you from my deepest, extravagant sleep-life.

14. Words just plinky droplets from a leaky faucet, though not leaky enough to get around to fixing.

15. I do not live in a place, do not want to live in a place made of cement & tall buildings.

16. All I can see every day is a place made entirely of cement, & endless, endlessly tall buildings.

17. The ballad of this is my body, & this is how it exists near your body.

18. …

19. I already know which line of the poem is your favorite.

20. If I actually answered your rhetorical questions with my own.

21. The ballad of I am nowhere near your body anymore.

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