What’s Happening

What's Happening!!

So, a couple few things. This isn’t an actual post, but I wanted to drop a dime on myself a bit.

First & foremost, I’m so fortunate to be included in this amazing reading with Julia Cooke & Leslie Jamison. It’ll be on April 30th, 7PM, at A Public Space (323 Dean St. in Brooklyn, NY). If you’re near or not, please come, & please bring as many people as you can, short of a mob. Here’s the flyer to share:


So there’s that. I’d love to see whomever the cat drags in, & then some. There Will Be Poems (from me). There Will Be Essays (from Julia & Leslie). There Will Likely Be Bourbon, at some point that evening (for me).

Mad, mad, mad thanks goes to Allison Wright & the Virginia Quarterly Review for inviting me to be a part of it, & to A Public Space for hosting. Shoot.

Next up:  I’ve strayed a little into the world of online-essaying-ish-ness, & had a piece ever-056-Audreyso-kindly posted on Indiewire’s Press Play blog, on Twin Peaks, hyperserial crime procedurals, & in support of loose ends. I may have used the term “negative capability” therein. I may also have embedded a link to a Fantasy Island clip. I definitely threw in some legal terms, used in an ambiguously literary fashion.

See for yourself, if you like, if you please.

Till then, then.

yrs, truly

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