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Dear Reader:

People for whom reading is sacred can offer you stories about their important book experiences. Will offer them to you, as easily as lending you a favorite book. The time I was eight & rode my bike all the way across town to the library, but had to call for a ride home because I’d … Continue reading

Some Of The Parts

This post began with a tweet, a text, a playlist, &—of course—a tangential sleight-of-handiwork from a larger essay I’m trying to write. Thank you to those of you who helped me put it together, even though you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. An online acquaintance of mine, writer & editor Lincoln Michel, posted … Continue reading

Electricity & All That

  There’s a certain amount of waiting that happens with writing. I’m not talking right now about waiting as in the staring at the blank page, the ruthless blinking cursor. Not waiting for the divine to fill the vessel of the self. Not waiting for the magic to happen. But it is a waiting like … Continue reading

What’s Happening

So, a couple few things. This isn’t an actual post, but I wanted to drop a dime on myself a bit. First & foremost, I’m so fortunate to be included in this amazing reading with Julia Cooke & Leslie Jamison. It’ll be on April 30th, 7PM, at A Public Space (323 Dean St. in Brooklyn, NY). … Continue reading

The Grimace Scale

So today’s an interesting day. Today, my best friend Rebecca would have been another year older. I remember thinking, back in our 20s, that I really had no idea what sort of people we’d be at this age. Right now, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve turned out so far, but I’m still so curious … Continue reading